August 13, 2014

Spotlight on GoldenEar Technology

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Bursting on the audio scene in the summer of 2010, GoldenEar Technology created an immediate sensation with the release of the now classic Triton Two tower loudspeakers. Created by legendary speaker engineer Sandy Gross, previous co-founder of two other renowned speaker companies (Polk and Definitive Technology), his new speaker line promised to reflect a philosophy of uncompromising performance AND value. Sandy and Co. quickly began to release a line of products to rave reviews, establishing GoldenEar as the new kid on the (speaker industry) block who was not just cool, but also very smart.

Affordable High-End Loudspeakers at Stereo East Home Theater

“We Make High-End Affordable.” According to Sandy Gross, this motto guides GoldenEar’s design efforts. GoldenEar speakers deliver superb sound quality comparable to that of costly esoteric brands, but at a fraction of their price. From compact wall-mounted and bookshelf speakers to powerful towers and subwoofers, GoldenEar’s high-end, yet reasonably priced speakers provide solutions for any audio/video project, be it large or small. Needless to say, the company has quickly become the hottest new speaker manufacturer in many years.


SuperCinema 3D Array and ForceField Subwoofer

The GoldenEar Sound

When asked to describe the sound of his speakers, GoldenEar’s Sandy Gross talks about them being “designed to sound like nothing except what is being played through them”, and mentions the concept of “suspension of disbelief”. This effect, created by great speakers, delivers the illusion of one actually being among the musicians in the studio or of seemingly being pulled into the movie action by the detail and accuracy of the reproduced soundtrack.

To create a line of speakers able to accomplish such a feat, the GoldenEar team made specific design decisions first introduced in their flagship Triton Two tower speakers. Using a HVFR (High-Velocity Folded Ribbon) tweeter, designed for outstanding treble response with very low distortion at high output levels, plus two 4 1/2” midrange drivers noted for their “smooth linear response extending above 20kHz”, this combination allows for seamless interaction between the very responsive tweeter and the midrange section of the Triton Two speakers. The final key element of the design is the powered subwoofer section, consisting of dual 5″ x 9″ woofers coupled with dual 7″ x 10″ passive radiators, powered by a 1200-watt digital amplifier offering superb bass performance extending to below 20Hz. All of this technology is contained in a slender and elegant cabinet that is an unobtrusive addition to all audio or video-base home theater systems.

The Magic Continues


Triton One Tower Speakers

After receiving glowing reviews from the high-end audio press for the Triton Two towers, Golden Ear has continued to hit home runs out of the park with the release of the slightly smaller, but just as potent Triton Three speakers, the SuperCinema 3D Array audiophile-grade soundbar, the Aon series of bookshelf speakers, and, most recently, the stunning Triton Seven Tower. In addition, the Invisa in-wall/in-ceiling speaker line is also expanding, complete with rave reviews. For the record, all the models utilize the renowned HVFR ribbon tweeter. GoldenEar’s new super-speaker, the Triton One, has just recently been released to rave reviews, of course.

We can only guess what other groundbreaking products GoldenEar has up their sleeve. Upon recently receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award, GoldenEar’s Sandy Gross exclaimed: “I’m not done yet…!”

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