May 4, 2016

HDR TVs and Projectors Are Here

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At the Consumer Electronics Show a few years ago, the hot, new development was 4K Ultra HD technology. With four times as many pixels as compared to full 1080p HD, 4K Ultra HD TVs and projectors produce a sharper picture due to the increased video resolution. At the CES show this past January, manufacturers focused on HDR, or High Dynamic Range, technology. While 4K technology added more pixels, High Dynamic Range is delivering with better pixels.

What is HDR?

Two factors contribute to High Dynamic Range performance:

  • Contrast Ratio – essentially the difference between light and dark, a HDR TV must meet specific standards for peak brightness and black level
  • Color Accuracy – a HDR TV must be able to process 10-bit color, resulting in more realistic and natural color depictions on screen

HDR-compatible TVs and projectors display a wider color gamut (WCG), along with brighter whites and deeper blacks, in order to achieve a dynamic picture on screen.

It’s important to note HDR technology for TVs is different than that for photography. As described above, TV HDR delivers a natural and realistic image by expanding the color range and contrast ratio. Photography HDR attempts to mimic a greater dynamic range by combining multiple images with different exposures, but the photo technically is still in standard dynamic range.

What About Content?


Sony’s X940D Premium 4K HDR Ultra HD TV

Of course, to fully take advantage of a HDR-ready TV or projector, HDR content is necessary. Ultra HD Blu-Ray players deliver 4K Ultra HD content with HDR, and there are several popular movies available on UHD Blu-Ray disc. Additionally, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are offering select titles in HDR, and YouTube will also support the new technology. Finally, the Sony 4K UHD Streaming app, Ultra, available on select Sony models only, offers HDR content for purchase.

Visit Stereo East for a HDR Demo

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