March 30, 2016

Triton Two and Three Redesigned by GoldenEar Technology

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About two years ago, GoldenEar Technology unveiled its flagship Triton One loudspeaker at the Consumer Electronics Show. Similar to previous products introduced by the speaker company, the Triton One went on to receive rave reviews from both industry gurus and consumers alike. After investing thousands of man-hours into developing the Triton One, GoldenEar founders wanted to apply what they learned to the second generation of the Triton Two and Three speakers.


The New Triton Two+ Loudspeaker

The Process

In order to bring the original Triton Two and Three up to Triton One’s sonic standards, the GoldenEar team chose to utilize their full-size anechoic chamber located in Arnprior, Ontario. By removing outside disturbances and vibrations, engineers were able to better focus on optimizing the finer performance details. Since the initial launch of the Triton Two, Goldenear has added powerful new development software. A new senior acoustics development engineer also joined the team.

Upgrades Borrowed from the Triton One

The new generation models, named the Triton Two+ and Triton Three+, inherited many of the technologies and refinements developed for the Triton One. A new cone, surround, spider, and voice coil comprise the new upper bass/midrange drivers. A brand new balanced crossover with polypropylene capacitors has been added. Finally, a completely reprogrammed DSP low-level control unit contributed to the optimization of the complex crossover to the powered bass section of both speakers.

The Results

While the Triton Two+ tower looks almost identical to the original version, the upgrades behind the grill are quite noticeable during a demo. Both the Triton Two+ and the Three+ provide a smoother, highly-detailed sound with higher resolution and tighter, better-integrated bass. As expected, critics and reviewers are giving high marks to the latest offering from GoldenEar Technology.

Visit Stereo East to Audition the Triton Series

At our Frisco, Texas showroom, you can demo the new Triton Three+ loudspeakers, along with other products in the award-winning lineup. At only $3500 per pair for the Two+ and $2500 for the Three+, these rebooted speakers are an exciting option for consumers who appreciate the sonics of the Triton One but may not have the budget. Stereo East Home Theater is the #1 dealer nationwide for GoldenEar Technology.

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