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Home Networks

We live in technology driven world these days and it is affecting how we do almost everything.

In today’s technology driven world the home network is perhaps the most important wiring backbone necessary for the average family. Just think, when was the last time you were home where a TV wasn’t on, music wasn’t playing, somebody was surfing on a computer or one of your kids was playing a game? Never, right? Your home network is often overlooked because of all the other decisions you have to deal with and spend your budget on.

Some comments we hear most often from our clients, when they are in the process of building or buying a new home, are that they will surf the web or get their email wirelessly, so they won’t need a strong wired infrastructure or somebody to monitor or manage their home network. It is important to understand that a hard wired infrastructure is often necessary to support a good wireless system and buying your own cheap network is not a solution, but instead an even greater source of headaches.

Stereo East Home Theater wants you to be properly informed before you make decisions that could potentially come back to haunt you. Here are some things you should know:

  • Did you know that most new homes built in the DFW area in recent years have had a radiant barrier installed in the roof of the house? This barrier acts like a giant shield wreaking havoc with wireless signals.
    • Have you ever noticed that walking from room to room will cause dropouts? Your iPad will lose its connection to the service or your TV will begin to get glitchy. Maybe you have lost cell phone service such as a call being dropped?
  • Did you know that many homes have lots of different devices producing RF and other forms of wireless transmissions that will interfere and slow down or corrupt your data?
    • Cable Box, DVD or Blu-Ray player, TV, stereo receivers and many other types of devices produce their own RF signals that will interfere and cause problems with your network and control systems.
  • Did you know that most WAPs (aka. wireless access points) have a wireless range of around 150ft and that handing wireless signals from one WAP to another will cause issues?
    • Having enterprise grade networks like PakEdge can provide WAPs with 3000ft. range. This eliminates the need for multiple WAPs.
  • Did you know that the more devices you have in your home, the more demands are placed on the network? This means you may have bandwidth issues clogging your incoming pipeline of service and slowing down or even losing valuable packets of data.
    • Having the right network backbone can eliminate all of these and many more problems that will arise.

What is the answer? Truth be told, find an expert. That doesn’t mean you have to hire your own IT firm! At Stereo East, we are network certified and we build networks everyday for everything from moving music room to room all the way to elaborate whole house control systems.

Want to learn more about why your network is so important, come visit us and see why Stereo East been the premier low voltage experts in DFW for the past three decades. We proudly serve residents of Frisco, Allen, Plano, Prosper, Irving, and surrounding areas. Let us help you design a system that will function flawlessly for both wired and wireless technology.

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