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Home Audio Systems for Dallas/Ft. Worth

With high performance audio from Stereo East, you never have to miss a beat.

How much time do you spend every day interacting with your electronics? Our computers and televisions have become integral to our everyday lives, offering us windows to the world, optimizing our productivity, and providing us with a great way to relax and enjoy a variety of entertainment options. Whether or not you realize it, your audio experience influences your enjoyment of the time you spend with your computer and home theater. At Stereo East in Frisco, Texas, we offer DFW a selection of the most innovative and highest performance audio solutions available today. We rely on the most trusted brands to ensure that you get the most out of every electronic aspect of your home.

High Performance Audio doesn’t have to look ugly to be good. We can make sure that the look of your home audio system blends seamlessly with the décor in every room of your house. We know that your personal style is essential to your sense that your home is your castle, and everything we do will enhance your interior design.

The brands we turn to for your home audio design include:

  • Epicure
  • Golden Ear
  • Integra
  • Monitor Audio
  • NAD & PSB
  • Sony
  • SpeakerCraft
  • Totem
  • And so much more...

Our Dallas/Ft. Worth area home audio professionals have decades of experience in helping you select and install your high performance home audio system. With our years of knowledge and experience, we can provide you with audio equipment that will work as part of your home theater system, distribute music throughout your home or just update your computer system. In our almost 30 years of experience in providing Frisco and surrounding DFW communities with complete home audio systems, we’ve improved the experience of thousands of homeowners.

Computer Audio for DFW

Most people these days use their computers as complete entertainment systems, enjoying music, movies, family photos, internet videos, and television shows on their computer systems. Computers, smartphones, tablets, and mp3 players have completely changed the way we interact with our content, giving us almost infinite options for how to arrange our home audio set ups. Because of this, selecting home audio systems that interact optimally with your computer components is a must. At Stereo East, we understand this, and we offer various ways to improve your home audio and experience with these various computerized entertainment devices.

If you’ve never experienced digital music through performance home audio, you’re missing out. We can devise a system that allows you to stream music in every room of your house, automating the system so that you can use your tablet or smartphone to control the volume and change which rooms are receiving sound on a moment-by-moment basis. We can even set your system to play different sources in different areas of your home, so you can listen to your favorites while the kids listen to something completely different. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply relaxing alone on a Wednesday night, you deserve the best sound we have to offer, which is why you should treat yourself with a trip to Stereo East to learn more about our performance home audio and speak with our knowledgeable audio professionals.

We offer:

  • Apple TV and Roku Integration
  • Digital to Analog Conversion (DAC)
  • Docking Stations
  • NUVO Wireless Audio
  • Sony HomeShare
  • And much more...

By connecting your mp3 player docking station to the rest of your home audio system, or wirelessly streaming your music to that system, we can make moving through your day effortless. With digital to analog conversion, or DAC, we can make your digital music more compatible with your audio system, providing incredibly realistic sound. With the right equipment and setup, we can make it easy for you to have instant access to every piece of music you own while maintaining the highest levels of performance you desire.

If you’re confused by the terms WAV, FLAC, USB, and DAC, don’t worry. We can help you through the process of updating and optimizing your home audio system to handle your digital music collection, giving you the freedom to listen to anything you want at any time with the push of a button.

Visit Stereo East in Frisco, Texas to gain access to almost 30 years in home audio design and installation. We make it easy to enjoy your home. Whether you’re in Plano, McKinney, Allen, Prosper, Irving, or anywhere else in the DFW area, Stereo East is the place to visit for your home audio needs.

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